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Hello. Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Lucas Sena. During my last seven years in the Village of Oak Creek my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful little girl. At about two years old we noticed that she was getting sick often with mild symptoms like rashes to severe flu like symptoms with high fevers that required visits to the hospital.

Through a program of different tests we found out that she had severe food and preservative allergies. My entire family had to change the way we ate and looked at food. We changed our diet and our lifestyle to an all organic and preservative-free diet, which meant only home cooked meals made with clean ingredients cooked up from scratch.

Our daughter’s health has done nothing but improve since we changed our diet. She went from being sick frequently to being a healthy and active little girl. During this time my wife took a business trip to Morocco. She fell in love with all the fresh organic vegetables and fruits, fresh teas, and wonderful coffee.

Morocco is in a region of the world with a variety of influences complimenting Italy, Spain, France, and Africa all have a unique style and way of cooking, but why stop there… We decided to bring a sample of those influences and share a healthier way of eating in the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona with A Taste of Marrakech, International Organic Foods with Moroccan influence.

We invite you to try some of our amazing recipes that have been discovered abuy Dilantin from canadas a part of this journey

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”              ~ Hippocratesbuy Dilantin online without prescription